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What do I need for buying or renting a film?
Before you can buy (download) or rent (streaming) films you have to register for free and without obligations. Streams will be available 24h after paying, downloads will be available at any time after paying, for unlimited private use. Sie dürfen den Film auch auf eine DVD brennen und sich Sicherheitskopien anfertigen. You are allowed to burn the films on DVD and make yourself security copies. In case the download process or streaming is interrupted, you can repeat the procedure at any time. > re-login

How can i pay?
You can pay for the film via credit card or PayPal. You'll need a PayPal account for that. You can also pay via bank transfer, in this case the film will be delivered within 24h.

Film formats and technical requirements
For downloading and streaming you need a broadband internet connection. The download format of our films is mpg4, which can be played e. g. with a QuickTime-Player or the VLC Media-Player (freeware) on all computers. The size of a feature films is about 1 GB.

What quality are the films?
The download quality of the films is almost comparable with DVD quality, at a data amount of less than 50%. The DOWNLOAD quality is much better than the STREAMING one!

Free test films
For free testing we offer four films at the moment: the feature film TANGERINE , the Interviewfilm CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF AND HIS FILMS and the two short films MY WIFE IN FIVE and TWO MUSEUMS (in HD). Registering will be required here as well.

Search and find films
We are constantly extending our englishspeaking VoD library, a list of the films available already with English subtitles or in original English version can be found > here For more extensive information on all films, as well as details on availability as stream, download or/ and DVD, and on prices please visit our main page: Filmgalerie 451

Legal issues
Purchasing a film as download entitles you to unlimited private use of the purchased film. This encompasses burning the film on DVD and making yourself security copies. But: you are not allowed to pass the film on to third parties, to distribute it commercially and to screen it in public, also not for school or seminar purposes! If you intend to use the film in a way that exceeds private use, please speak to us beforehand.

Why Video on demand?
Besides the obvious advantage of fast and "non-shipping" availability of films, an important aspect are the low publishing costs. Especially short and medium-lenghth films, which were so far DVD extras, at their best, have a real chance now to be discovered. To what extent spectators will also be ready to pay for it, remains to be seen. And no worries, we will continue to invest in DVD. This Video on demand-site of Filmgalerie 451 is based on the already existing platform of "", an international platform for independent film distribution. Despite of some technical restrictions (e. g. limitation of data amount), we chose to cooperate with, in order to be able to independently offer our programme online. Best of thanks for that opportunity to the commited team of Onlinefilm! We and Onlinefilm are eager to hear your feedback - criticism, suggestions, praise, whatever you want to tell us, helps us.

Your Filmgalerie 451 – Team