Mother's Mask

Visconti meets "Dallas" in Schlingensief's official remake of Veit Harlan's JUD SÜSS (1940) and OPFERGANG (1944)!
Schlingensief exposes his source material's dangerous proximity to kitsch and camp by reducing the genre conventions known from Harlan, Sirk, Fassbinder & Co to the level of a daily soap: set within a noble family from the German Ruhr, Schlingensief's story revolving about Willy von Mühlenbeck's tragic love to terminally ill neighbor girl Äls (Susanne Bredehöft) and the inheritance intrigues by his evil brother Martin von Mühlenbeck (Helge Schneider) creaks with melodramatic devices and self-conscious dialogues. Rather than being a mere spoof, MOTHER'S MASK is perhaps Schlingensief's purest black comedy.
With Udo Kier as The Demonical Man From Child Protection Services! Soundtrack by Helge Schneider!

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