The days between

The feature debut of Maria Speth (MADONNEN)

The Days Between in which twenty-two-year-old Lynn drifts among the various worlds she's caught up in. Life at home with her brother, his wife and their two kids allows her to enjoy a family environment without being too involved. Lynn lives spontaneously, waiting for what the days bring. While her day job in a cafeteria leaves her drowsy, earning money as a dancer in a trendy night club allows her to release her explosive energy. Lynn is impulsive and irrational; she sometimes sulks like a child. Without precise goals, Lynn has more and more difficulty relating to her disciplined boyfriend David, a professional swimmer who sees her only according to his strenuous practice schedule. Lynn's love life takes a turn when she meets Japanese student Koji. He shares her sense of freedom and sensuality, but not her language. Although Koji can barely speak German, Lynn feels comfortable communicating with him - at the same time she doesn't want.

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